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Sie erreichen uns rund um die Uhr, 365 Tage im Jahr telefonisch unter +41 31 684 23 44. ... Die Organisation gibt das "leading peer-reviewed general dairy research journal in the world" heraus und hat Herrn Becker an deren kommenden Kongress im Juni 2022 in Kansas City, USA eingeladen, in einem Invited Talk seine Forschung zu präsentieren.

Publications and Presentations (PDF, 410 KB)

462, (2016), S331–S351, doi: 10.1093/mnras/stw2891. [365] S.A. Fuselier, K. Altwegg, H. Balsiger, J.J. Berthelier, A. Beth, A. Bieler, C. Briois, T.W. Broiles, J.L. Burch, U. Calmonte, G. Cessateur, M. Combi, ...

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  • The Epistemology of Climate Change
The Epistemology of Climate Change

. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 365: 2145-61. ... 05.12.19, 11:15-13:00, Unitobler F114: Talk by Stefan Brönnimann (UNIBE) ... 13.12.19, 10:15-12:00, Unitobler F004: Talk by Emmanuele Russo (UNIBE) & discussion of the paper: ...

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  • Coronavirus - Current situation
  • Coronavirus: Information about self-organisation and assistance
Coronavirus: Information about self-organisation and assistance

Take the time you need and talk to your supervisor about it. ... Contact your employees by telephone and talk to them. ... Psychiatric emergency: The emergency team of the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Bern is available 24 hours a day (365 days a year).

methods, data, analyses | Vol. 13(1), 2019, pp. 37-57 (PDF, 193 KB)

The study was conducted online with 365 student subjects. ... Note: N = 365, min = 0, max = 16, mean = 8.50, median = 9, modus = 7, sd = 2.97, Cronbach’s α = 0.62. The numbers in the last column indicate factor loadings of a varimax rotated exploratory principle component factor analysis for polychoric correlations on components I, ... Dummy for ≥ 1 ‘yes’ answer (I)-(X) (n=365) ...

Institut für Pathologie (PDF, 3.11 MB)

Keywords: • Cross-talk innate / adaptive immunity • Role of inflammation for cancer development • Immunopathology Research Activities Project 1: Role of cytokine signaling for tumor development Inflammation is a driver of cancer. ... Project 3: Cross-talk between innate and adaptive immunity The vertebrate immune system comprises the innate immune system, providing the first line of defense, and the adaptive ...

Common knowledge does not have the Beth (PDF, 156 KB)

However, it is well known that any formula of modal logic can only talk about a finite portion of a model and that this is not sufficient to express certain epistemic situations of particular interest. ... Slides available at ftp://ftp.cs. ... In M. Vardi, editor, Theoretical Aspects of Reasoning About Knowledge, pages 365–379.

CSLS doctoral workshop (PDF, 4.52 MB)

PLENARY TALKS Anita Auer University of Lausanne Thursday 13.12.2018, 09:30–10:30 (Uni S, A-119) The Glarus Dialect in the American Midwest During the so-called “Age of Mass Migration” (1850-1920s), many Swiss people left their home in search of betterment elsewhere. ... This talk will introduce the current research project and present some preliminary results.